Welcome to the new Tall Stacks of Books!

We have been around for a while but we are fresh off a long hiatus revamped and ready to deliver you quality content. While we were on hiatus, we were thinking about ways to use our platform. Although it may be small, we want to use our platform to showcase the amazing diverse content that is being delivered daily by wonderful and insightful Black women. Now, we know that there are great authors of all races (we’ve read more than a few) but we want to be an uplifting voice to our fellow Black women because WE NEED IT. There are 50eleven blogs and sites that are dedicated to other authors but on those same sites and blogs, there is little to no coverage for our Black women writers. We took a break because we really needed one and we used that time to re-collect our thoughts and re-focus on what we wanted Tall Stacks of Books to represent. 2016 was a hard year for a lot of us. During that time, we started following and reading fellow Black writers on social media and it inspired us to change the direction of our blog. We decided to not just have our blog but also convert into a website for bomb ass Black women that need someone in their corner. There are so many Black readers out there and it’s hard to find great Black women authors in this vast sea of books. We want to change that. We want to introduce you (or reintroduce you) to new books, new authors for people that look just like us. So here we are, new year, new website, and new focus. We hope if you were a visitor in the past, whether White or Black or Alien, you stick around to see us grow. We want to become a great platform for all authors of colors who are looking for a place to belong. We hear you and are here for YOU!


Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the new site and Happy New Year!


Jessica, Tall Stacks of Books creator.

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