Book Review | Haunted by Christina C. Jones

Book: Haunted

Author: Christina C. Jones

Release Date: March 18, 2015

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (Amazon)

Where to buy: Amazon

Within the bounds of complacency, there exists a boring, beautiful sort of peace, and Khalida has found it. Welcomes it, in fact. A nice, comfortable life, with a great job, a good, albeit on and off again boyfriend, a great relationship with her younger sister… She has nothing to complain about.

But that’s only if she ignores the sense of unrest that has haunted her ever since she could remember, overshadowing her ability to connect in love. Only if she glosses over the fact that she’s leaning more toward a permanent off switch when it comes to Travis. Only if she tunes out her way-too-old-for-make-believe younger sister’s sudden insistence that some things are a little suspicious when it comes to the details of their past.

A month ago… Everything was fine. But now — and suspiciously timed with the entry of sexier than possible Aram Duncan into her life — unexplained hallucinations have Khalida questioning if maybe there’s something other-worldly happening around her. But all of that nonsense… Psychic abilities, immortals, time manipulation, mind control…. None of that really exists… Right?



It is no secret that I absolutely ADORE Christina C. Jones. She is so talented and I love that she is out here writing novels for black women everywhere. I picked up Haunted as a part of my Halloween Edition TBR list and I was NOT disappointed.

The cover was so nice! She always has really nice covers though. And Khalida and Aram were so incredibly hot, I found myself blushing at times. And when they were together, oh the chemistry… It was so hot, I thought my kindle would light on fire! Seriously loved the relationship with her sister Ancelin as well. They were so adorable and reminded me of my older sister and me.

The plot was amazing! I kind of thought this was a ghost story. Or even a vampire story based on how the book started off. But it was even better than that! I don’t want to give too much away because the reveal is very important and I hate spoilers.

I do wish that is was longer. There was so much I wanted to know and learn. We were introduced Ancelin who had her own story brewing with Nasir and I definitely wanted to know more! Maybe this is something that can be revisited in another book or maybe turned into a series. (Hint, Hint!)

I definitely give this book 4 stars! I loved it so much, I immediately called my favorite book buddy and gushed about this book for days! The only thing I didn’t like was the story seemed to progress really fast. There was so much I wanted to know but didn’t get a chance to find out! Other than that, definitely is worth a read. Please click the link and try this book for yourself. You won’t regret it!


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After her latest ill-fated attempt to find a forever relationship of her own, Tori Kennedy is content with connecting the dots for others, bringing them together in pursuit of lifetime love. Fresh off of the demise of her marriage, she decides to take advantage of an opportunity to do something a little — okay, a lot — crazy, and heavily fueled by an overload of emotions.

Thinking that her impulsive decision and its disastrous results are behind her, Tori moves forward with her pursuit of a happily single existence, until her best friend contacts her with a request that places a constant reminder in her life : Avery.

Avery Anderson is the epitome of “the kind of guy your momma warned you about.” Handsome, successful, charming… and not at all interested in being roped into anything that resembles love. Tori ending up in his bed doesn’t surprise him at all — it’s just what he does— but his feelings afterwards? That’s another story. An ultimatum placed on him by his little sister puts him back in arm’s reach of the pretty matchmaker that he can’t get off of his mind, but she’s not taking the bait this time.

Tori just wants to be rid of him so that she can move on with her life, and it’s not Avery’s style to chase someone who doesn’t want to be caught. When both parties are content to let the spark flicker out, can love — or something like that— still lead the way to forever?



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