New Release | The Pregame Ritual by Alexandra Warren

Alexandra Warren is a new author I have discovered on Twitter. I am currently reading one of her novels ‘Attractions and Distractions: Freshman Year’ and I am enjoying it! But I also wanted to let you guys know that she has another book that was just released titled ‘The Pregame Ritual’ and I can’t wait to start reading it!

As usual, below you will find details about the novel and where you can purchase it. If you have read it, let me know in the comments below how you liked it!



The Pregame Ritual

Ava knows that she’s the best girls basketball player in the country at the collegiate level.

She knows that she’s going straight the pros once her senior season comes to an end.

And she knows that finding a man is the least likely thing to happen while she’s chasing that dream.

That’s until she meets Miles.

A freshman phenom who has no idea what college life is like but is in for a red-headed surprise with a mean crossover.

Their chemistry is a given, but will age be more than just a number?

Or will the PreGame Ritual be enough to even the score?
***Still can’t decide if you want to buy it? Click HERE for excerpts from the novel.


Also available from Alexandra Warren…

Attractions and Distractions: Freshman Year

Alexis + men = disaster. At least, that’s how it’s always been. Still, she’s easily tempted by her new surroundings at the University of California to put a foot forward into the dating pool; just not her best one. Relationships and situation-ships quickly become a balancing act as she tries to survive her freshman year.

Jaden is something like an “it guy”, but not by choice. He would much rather live a quiet, normal life exactly opposite of the one the media portrays. So when he meets Alexis by chance, he instantly falls for her beauty, charm, and… normalcy. But he learns very quickly that dealing with her is anything but normal.

Tyree isn’t a man of many words; he prefers action. When, sweet, sexy, naive Alexis Martin becomes a resident in his dorm, he can’t help trying his hand at getting with her, even if she is a freshman.

Attractions and Distractions will take you on a bumpy ride through the struggles and triumphs of finding love on the college scene.

Getting the Edge

College graduation is only the beginning for Ariel as she lands her dream job working for a record label in The Big Apple. Not only is it the beginning of her professional career, but also the beginning of an unexpected romance with Jamison, a self-assured recent grad who is also getting his foot in the door of the music industry at a competing record label. The collision of business and pleasure is inevitable but when Ariel receives a personal assignment to help take down her label’s top competition, she’s forced to make a decision; her career or her newfound love? Just how far will she have to go to get the edge?


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