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So you guys know what a big fan of Nia Forrester I am… Well, if you don’t let me take a moment to proclaim how much I love her and her books. She is an amazing writer and I seriously LOVE her books! I have also interacted with her on social media and she is the best when it comes to interacting with her fans! I discovered her a few months ago when I started reading her ‘Secret’ series and I have been hooked ever since. Which is why I am happy to announce she has another book that went live yesterday!

After this is up, I will be heading to Amazon to purchase this ebook and I suggest you do the same.  Trust me, you won’t regret it!


Below you will find the details on her new book and click here to read an excerpt!



 Ivy’s League

By any measure, she is a success. By any measure that is, except her own.

 Ivy Livingstone has entrée into Washington DC’s political elite, lives in an exclusive neighborhood and sends her son to a sought-after private school. But her beautiful life is a gilded cage. She is independent, but alone. And unfortunately, very few men are confident enough to believe they are in Ivy’s league.

Eli Thomason has all the confidence in the world, except when it comes to his own judgment about women. And his attraction to Ivy Livingstone proves him right. She is everything he shouldn’t want: a woman above his station and beyond his means. He overreached once before and still lives with the heartbreaking consequences, so why does he find it so difficult to leave Ivy alone?

And if their own baggage isn’t enough, Ivy and Eli have to contend with that of everyone around them, hell-bent on confirming their worst fear: that the bond they’re beginning to build can’t possibly last.


Other books from Nia Forrester…


In The Nothing

Trinity doesn’t know exactly how just yet, but she’s determined to break free. From her aunt’s oppressive household, from memories of her messed-up childhood, and out of her Southeast Washington DC neighborhood where everyone seems to be going nowhere fast. Then she meets Skylar, whose life couldn’t be more different from her own; and lands a job in an affluent part of the city where privileged young men and women live rarefied lives, and seem to have everything but appreciate nothing at all. Deeply intrigued by the stylish, carefree—but sometimes selfish and callous—Skylar, Trinity manages to blend seamlessly into her new friend’s world, relieved that no one notices that she’s different.

Until someone does.

With good-looks, talent, and a bright future, Ethan, Skylar’s boyfriend also has a discerning artist’s eye. He knows there’s much more to Trinity than she’s telling. But as Ethan gets close figuring out Trinity’s secrets, he just may find that Skylar has a few of her own.


 Secret (Book 1)

 Shayla has a secret. She’s a very different woman than the person she used to be three short years ago; that woman she finally feels like she’s left behind and she never wants to be again. And she’s been doing fine so far with her plan to reinvent herself. Trey Denison wasn’t going to put even a dent in those plans. All she needed from him was an extremely short, extremely hot, purely sexual affair and she had no reason to believe he wouldn’t provide it. After all, that was his specialty. But after one crazy weekend, Trey decides that a ‘short affair’ with Shayla is the last thing he wants . . .


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